New Pattern Jury Instructions

The entire chapter on pattern jury instructions for state employment cases was just updated.  Pattern instructions are templates used by lawyers and judges to draft instructions to be read to the jury.  The instructions tell the jury what an employee has to prove for each type of employment claim and, where applicable, employer defenses to such claims.

The instructions also include a short description, which is not read to the jury, about the statutes and relevant case law involved in each type of employment claim.

In addition to their use at trial, the instructions can be used by managers, supervisors, and HR professionals as a concise summary of the different types of employment claims employees can bring, the elements employees have to prove to win, employer defenses, and relevant case law.

The instructions can also provide employers involved in litigation an outline of what their attorneys are trying to prove or disprove to improve better communication about litigation strategy.  The instructions can be found at Part XVI, Chapter 330 here.

Photo by ElvertBarnes from Flickr.

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